Visual Voodoo 3.0

Welcome to my little slice of the internet. I first got this domain name in 2006. I don’t even recall what I used it for originally, but over the years the name has always found a fit for whatever I’ve been doing. Its last incarnation was for my photography. For a few years I was heavily into that, doing some paid gigs, even almost went to school in Fredericton for it.

I have not used it much in a few years. For the start of 2019 I thought why not reboot again? I’ve been spending more and more time on various projects and hobbies. This feels like a better way to share those things with people than Facebook or Twitter.

So what are these hobbies I’m talking about? Well, they are spread out a little bit but for the most part all center around creating. 3D printing, miniature painting, photography, Lego, Cosplay, prop replicas and whatever else catches my interest.

While I love to create I’ve always found it hard to fully finish a project before I get distracted by some new project and run off. I hope to use this site as a way to chronicle my projects and maybe get a little encouragement to stay on track.

To start off our journey together here are a few pictures of my work space.

Work bench and 3D printer.
Painting Station.
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