Droid Inventor Kit

Last year after seeing some 3D files to print an R2 unit I got curious about building my own droid. I know it is a huge project and the scope of it made me keep pushing it to the back burner so I never started. This year it is on the project list!

For Christmas Jess gave me the Little Bits Droid Inventor Kit. The target audience is kids, but I’m a kid at heart! Everything is cleverly done with plug and play parts that magnetically snap together, so assembly was very easy but really fun!

Droid Inventor Kit

The whole project runs off an app that has videos to walk you through assembly, programming, and controlling the droid. You are able to assemble it in a number of ways that allow it to move, detect motion and objects, follow a path on the floor, and even program logic of its movement and sounds in response to various interactions.

My only complaint about the kit is it does not have enough components to do everything. You can configure it to move an internal wrench arm, but it uses the drive motor for the front wheel. Which means you can not have a moveable arm and have the unit in motion. Each component can be bought separately and I might buy a couple of parts to make the unit more functional and give more options for logic programming too!

Power source and main controller.
Mounted wheels and various drive motors.
Fully assembled with clear casing.
Full assembled with decals and powered on!
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