Life Size R2-D2

One of my more ambitious projects I’m starting this year is a full size R2-D2. After I got my 3D printer I started looking at all the Star Wars props I could make. It’s amazing the things people 3d model and share for free. At the top of that list were files for a full size R2-D2. I immediately dreamed of having my own full size droid. Who doesn’t right? I bookmarked all the files, bought the ABS filament to start the project, and that is where it ended. I never did the MOSFET upgrade to print in ABS. And sometimes huge projects like this seem overwhelming and intimidating so I just don’t bother.

I got the MOSFET installed last week and immediately wanted to try ABS. And what better thing to print than part of an R2 unit that the ABS was bought for. I chose a small part that could be done in a few hours and am beyond happy with how ABS prints and looks.

1:1 scale Holo Projector Lens next to 1:6 scale R2:D2 from Hot Toys.

My focus on this project will just be the Dome. I’m hoping to not feel so overwhelmed if I focus on chunks of the project instead of the whole. This is going to take me into things I’m not familiar with like Ardunio programming to control all the aspects of the unit. I’m excited to learn about it all!

For anyone interested in the files / instructions I’ll be using are from the incredible Michael Baddeley. Check out his patreon which I think I’ll start to support.

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