All Metal Hot End Upgrade

The All Metal Hotend was another upgrade I got from my wife for Christmas of 2017. I sat on it until the other night when I finally got up the nerve to install it. While fairly simple to install it does involve fully taking apart the extruder (the part of the printer that feeds the filament, heats it and pushes it through the nozzle). So in theory you could do it wrong and ruin your printer.

This upgrade came from a reliable company called Micro Swiss who specialize in making upgrades for various 3D printers.

All metal conversion kit.

I watched a couple of videos in addition to reading the instructions and felt comfortable doing in the install. It involved taking the two fans off, unscrewing the fan heat sink to reveal the extruder / cooling block. Detaching the extruder from the hot end. Then removing the thermal barrier tube and nozzle. Then putting all the new parts (nozzle, thermal barrier tube, cooling block). At one point a part needs to be 1.7mm apart… that was a challenge. And in fact I ended up taking the whole thing apart a few times before getting it sitting right.

Extruder pre-installation.
A peek inside the feed mechanics and the old nozzle Looking a little worse for wear.
Install done. From top to bottom. Extruder. Cooling block, thermal barrier tube (running through it and the hot end), Hot end, nozzle.
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