And the winner is…

First I want to thank everyone who voted in my poll. It is really encouraging to know people are reading and interested in my projects!

Surprisingly the Sith Mask was the winner. I thought for sure it would be Han’s blaster. I started the Sith Mask as part of a cosplay idea for an original Sith character. I have a bunch of notes and sketches of the other things I wanted to do for the whole costume somewhere. For now I’m going to work towards just finishing the mask and maybe move to other parts of the costume down the road.

I plan to paint the mask black, with gloss red for the filigree. First I have to finish crack filling and sanding. All of the fine details makes that a challenge but with time it will get done. I’ll be sure to post some pictures on each stage as I progress.

Sidenote: My Mandalorian helmet is about 50% printed!

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