A little progress and a side print.

While I am still moving projects forward there isn’t much exciting to share. My Mando helmet is around 75% printed, which is exciting. I’m having some problems with cracking in prints, I’ll share what I’ve been doing to fix it in a later post.

I’ve started the process of filling and sanding the Sith Mask. The small grooves between the filigree details are a bit of a pain to get into. Luckily, I have a few sanding tools I’ve printed that have been helpful.

DAP Latex Caulking used for fill. It sands well and is flexible.

I’m also pausing the print on my stuff to do a side project. Someone was looking for nice doors for the Resident Evil board game that just came out. Luckily, the 3D community felt the same way and had already made some files. So I’m printing a set of doors for him. They look pretty cool. They’re hinged so the door actually opens and have a slot to hold the card for the game behind the door!

Cool little doors. I might make some for other board games I have.
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