Blender. Mixing up some 3d!

The weather has been rather cold as of late. That means my basement is at uncomfortable temperatures to be doing anything productive in it. While I’ve done a bit of sanding on the Sith Mask, I’ve not made much progress. I’ve sanded stuff upstairs in the past… it’s messy… so I try not to do that.

The printer has been going pretty steady despite the cold. I’ve printed a couple of replacement upgrades. The high temperatures of ABS is warping old PLA parts. I’ve also printed a baseball bat mount for Jess to put “Lucille” up on her wall.

To keep up my productivity I’ve turned my attention to learning a bit of 3D modelling, using a free program called Blender and lots of Youtube tutorials. I’m familiar with a lot of graphics programs and feel almost none of those skills transfer over to 3d modelling. It has been a long time since I’ve tried to learn a program and had no frame of reference to another program. After this morning I’m feeling pretty good about my first steps.

I started with these two simple objects.
And ended with this kinda cool treasure chest.
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