Mando Helmet printed!

I am pretty excited this morning. My helmet is printed! Well… minus to minor parts that sit inside the helmet to hold the tinted visor. But I can start to assemble the helmet to ensure everything fits together. I plan to do a dry fit, using the square tabs the masterful 3d artist who made the file was smart enough to include.

In total the helmet was 28 parts (+42 tabs) and easily 50+ hours of print time… I sort of lost track after a while. I’m thinking close to 70 including the 3 – 5 failed prints I had while working out kinks. That isn’t including the time it took me to scale the parts and tweak setting or my machine when needed. So not a small task. Material wise I used around 1.2 KG, hence why some parts are in black. When my spool of White ended I started using black I got from Amazon to test it out. Prints nicely!

I’m hoping later in the long weekend to post a picture of the helmet fully assembled by tabs. That should let me see if it is going to fit my head or if I need to go back to the drawing board. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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