Alternate Art Cards

One of my favorite games over the last couple of years has been Star Wars Destiny. It is a card and dice game from Fantasy Flight Games. A great group of people get together every other Thursday to play at Heroes’ Beacon.

As part of our regular tournaments I’ve decided to start making Alt-Art Foil Cards as prizes. So the winner gets to pick a card and I make up a cool new version for them. I thought I’d show the process.

I start with a cheap foil card from Magic the Gathering.
Using Acetone paper towel and a Q-tip I strip the ink off the card.
Using photoshop I scan in the original card, remove the art, and replace it with new art. Then print it on clear vinyl paper for a Cricut machine.
Finally I apply the clear vinyl to the cleaned card. My print size was tad off on this one…
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