Star Wars Celebration

As most of you probably know I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan. From April 11th – 15th I went to Chicago with my wife Jessica and our best friends who are also big Star Wars fans for Star Wars Celebration. A 5 day convention for all things Star Wars! Going was a bucket list item for me and the experience was everything I hoped for.

In addition to celebrity guests, countless vendors, and panels there was a ton of Cosplay!

First I’ll start with the celebrity guests. There was a lot of actors, voice talent, and authors from across the 40 years of Star Wars films, animation, and novels. A couple of highlights were a photo op with the Emperor himself Ian McDiarmid and autograph sessions with Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano), Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker), and Timothy Zhan (author of the Thrawn trilogy).

Our photo with Ian McDiarmid.

We were lucky enough to be in the room for some of the best panels. We were at the Rise of Skywalker panel to watch the new trailer with 4000 people! It is a crazy experience to see it with so many hard core fans. We were also at the 20th Anniversary of Phantom Menace, Rebels Remembered, Clone Wars sneak peak and the Mandalorian panels. The trailer for the Mandalorian was great! I’m very excited for that show to start in the fall. The panel gave me some great ideas on how I can make my Mandalorian cosplay unique.

For the cosplay you could easily get whiplash trying to see everything. The fans really brought their A game for this convention. There was everything from top notch screen quality costumes to clever mash-ups to things that could not be unseen!

Finally, another highlight for me was the Droid Builders room. 50+ fan made droids on display. What a huge inspiration for someone who is starting the research to make their own full size R2 unit. The makers were friendly and happy to answer questions and give tips. It renewed my energy to push forward on making one! A number of these are 3D printed and made from consumer available parts. Which is incredible!

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