New Printer, Who dis?

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a 2nd 3d printer. I’ve been eyeing it for a while and saving up money from various printing commissions. This one is similar to the one I have but has a lot of advanced features that should make for faster and cleaner prints. To save money I bought the build it yourself kit. Putting it together was a fun, stressful, exciting, frustrating, and tasty adventure! It was a nice reminder of how much I love creating, assembling and electronics.

The first steps involved putting the frame together and the Y axis. I had some frustrations getting things level. You can still see the front right corner rises up slightly.
Next came putting the X and Z axis together. After each Chapter the instructions tell you how many Haribo gummy bears to eat. A bag was included. These steps were very import! I found this to be a cute addition that make me chuckle and reduce frustrations when a step was difficult.
Next came assembling the extruder mount and the LCD screen. I’ll admit this was a bit more assembly for the kit than I expected, but now I feel I know the printer inside out.
Then came attaching the power supply and hooking up the power cables. These being in the wrong order would cause the whole thing to burn out!
The main board that controls everything needed to be mounted and have everything plugged in, in the right spots and right voltages… or once again bad things could happen.
Finally, with the spool holder in place it is assembled!

Getting through the setup wizard had a few challenges. I needed to adjust / losen a few spots to reduce drag. After still having it fail I took to a Facebook support group a friend who has the same printer added me to. They had many suggestions but flashing the firmware seemed to be the winner!

With everything calibrated I get this beautiful smooth 1st layer test! Now to actually print something and see the difference between my Monoprice and my Prusa! Stay tuned!
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