More R2-D2 Progress

I’ve been bad at keeping the updates coming again but rest assured I have been busy working. Having both printers producing parts is making things move along much faster. It is exciting to see parts coming off the bed and R2 building up.

Since the last update I’ve printed the top of the dome and attached it. It was a bit of a challenge to get it to sit properly and be secure while the glue hardened, but I managed well enough. I also got to dry fit all the top panels that will eventually be hinged and open. I printed the gear ring and have it glued together as well. The only thing missing is motor mounts which I’m going to wait to print until I buy them. There seems to be a few sizes and I don’t want to print the wrong one.

I’ve done a fair bit of sanding on the dome both by hand and with a mouse sander. At a certain point it gets hard to tell how smooth the surface is so I applied the 1st of many filler primer coats to get a better look. As you can see there is a lot left to do, both on sanding and on filling in areas to even things out.

Noticeable lines around the middle need to go!

While I’m sanding I’ve gone back to reading the forums on and a couple of Facebook groups I’m part of. I need to understand what motors, servos, and electronics I’ll need. The last thing I want to do is buy stuff and it be wrong. I’ve got a shopping list for electronics but am still a bit uncertain on the actual dome motor.

For those wondering the dome is around 70 parts and 250+ hours of printing time and at a guess 3 – 4 kg of filament.

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