Hera Syndulla’s Blurrg-1120 holdout blaster

Proud of her first pocket.

My wife Jessica has jumped into the cosplay scene starting with Rebel pilot Hera from Star Wars Rebels. She is making great progress on the jumpsuit, has done a trial make up run, and has ordered her lekku. This puts her miles ahead of me when it comes to actually completing a full cosplay.

So to help get her even further ahead I decided I was going to make the blaster for the costume. I found a very reasonably price stl file and set the printers to work. The files printed smoothly and looked great right off the bed.

Sanding was fairly painless using 80, 120, and 200 sandpaper both manually and an electric mouse sander.

For paint I started with a gloss black acrylic base. A must have if you plan to do a metallic look.

Working between my airbrush and paint brush I put down base layers of orange and aluminum. The orange was spot on but the aluminum didn’t have the pop I wanted. I moved to Alclads’s bright aluminum enamel which I’ve used before on Ezra’s blastersaber. I love how smooth and easy it covers. I went back around to do touch ups from over spray on the black and orange.

Finally I did some light weathering using lead beltcher and a bit of sponge to get a randomized worm pattern.

Overall I’m super happy with the result and amount of time spent.

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