R2 Update!

I’ve hit an exciting milestone in the process. I “think” the dome is finally sanded to the point I’m happy with it. The process of sanding, filling, priming, repeat is pain staking… I’ve spent so much time on it after a while you just feel like you are wasting time. It can be hard to see the progress. Below are a bunch of pictures at various stages until now.

Having hit this point I felt it was time to order electronics! I have some pretty basic knowledge of electronics and programing but all of this is so far above me. I’ve been reading a lot and watching videos but there is no “one way” to make a droid. Things change based on material your building out of (3d print, aluminum, wood, etc…) what control system you want to use and so much more. So when I ask a question I get 100 different, yet all correct answers. In my digging I managed to find a user on Astromech.net who made a Chopper and his build log was highly detailed and hit many of the points I want for my R2. He was even nice enough to answer a couple of questions for me. The droid builder communities have to be one of the friendliest / helpful I’ve ever been part of online.

I’m waiting on a few parts to get delivered so I’ll give more detail when I get everything in. These components should give me everything I need for the dome to spin and have sound. I’m researching options for the logic lights… soldering dozens of them manually sounds painful but cheap. And I am trying to be budget conscious.

So next R2 update will show what I’m using for electronics but that could still be a few weeks away. While we wait I do have some updates to post on my Mandalorian helmet, another blaster I finished, progress on Jessica’s Hera cosplay (which is looking amazing), and some other odds and ends!

If anyone has any questions or comments post away! I love to discuss the projects I’m working on so don’t be shy.

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