Hera’s helmet

I’ve been helping Jess with her Hera Syndulla cosplay and the last big part before we left for Hal-Con was the flight helmet. No where on the internet could we find the files to 3D print it so we turned to our incredibly talented friend Matt. In addition to knowing his way around 3d modelling he is an incredibly talented animator. I highly recommend you check out “A Fox in Space” on youtube. He gladly offered his services to make the 3D file. I was shocked at how quickly he was able to bang the file out and the level of detail.

Getting the helmet sized to properly fit is still something I’m not great at. Which leads to having to print things multiple times… not fun. My first attempt at the helmet ended up a weee bit big. I had a cold during the sizing of my second attempt and the first part would have fit my cat….

Eventually we did get it sized and printed right. In my rush I used both PLA and ABS for different parts of the helmet which made putting it together a bit of a pain. Lots of super glue and 2 part epoxy putty later and it was solid!

I painted it using an airbrush for the most part and printed the decals on Cricut clear vinyl paper. I keep forgetting how thick it is, so even though it prints nice the edges were visible. The only thing we didn’t get put on was the visor. I ran out of time to find a way to attach it.

Now that Hal-Con is done I’m probably going to strip the paint and redo it. I know trying to take the decals off is going to peel paint. I’m going to redo the decals by hand painting them and add a few more details that I didn’t have time for.

For her very FIRST cosplay I am so impressed with how it all came together. Jess did a killer job sewing and her make-up was fantastic! I can’t wait to see the pictures from her photo shoot! I’m hoping to have a Kanan Jarrus Cosplay done for March to join her!

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