Year in review and looking forward.

2019 was a good year but we can always improve! I posted 28 times last year and want to try to double that number. More posts will hopefully mean more productivity!

Looking at my projects I did accomplish more than I thought last year. As most of you know getting distracted and not finishing a project is one of my biggest problems. There are so many cool things to do and skills to learn I have a hard time keeping focused.

A big part of my focus this year was the growing Cosplay community that I’ve become part of. It was great to do some work for a few people. Knowing I played some small part in their incredible costume makes me very happy. I’m hoping to help more cosplayers this year

I’ve still yet to finish a full project for myself. This year I’m going to hopefully cosplay as Kanan Jarrus at Island Expo in March. Unveil my R2 for May the 4th, and I’d love to finish my custom Mandalorian and Captain America cosplays! This are some pretty big goals for 2020, but I figure go big or go home!

I want to thank everyone who is following my creative journeys. I encourage you to ask questions, leave comments, and if you think I can help you with a project reach out!

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