Phase 2 Clone Helmet

A while back a friend asked me to print him a Phase 2 Clone Helmet. It took me far too long to get the project started but once I dug in it came together fast. It was printed in 18 parts, around 1.5 KG of filament and close to 100 hours of printing. I started with White Eco Tough PLA but ran out and switched to Black.

All the parts on my very messy workspace.

After getting everything printed I like to use painters tape to do a dry fit of all the parts. This helps me see how things line up and if anything is warped and in need of reprinting. Everything on this build came out pretty nice so I didn’t have to redo anything.

For the actually assembly I used my 3d pen to “weld” the parts together. The tips of the pen gets hot enough I can put it into the seam of the two plastic parts and inject the same type of filament into it. The creates a solid bond as it is all the same material. I’m was really happy with how solid it felt.

The last part we need to figure out before the owner start the long process of sanding and painting is putting it on. Since it is based off designs from a cartoon the hole in the bottom isn’t big enough to put your head through. We are looking at using magnets to clasp the back panel on. Failing that I have a few other ideas. I’ll be sure to update when we get the closure figured out and when it is finally done!

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