Beep Bloop Bleep (R2 has sound)

Been a while since I updated. I had been running pretty full tilt on printing R2’s body. When I finally stacked everything together I realized I am further ahead then I thought. Still a TON of sanding to do and the legs will be long prints but if I buckle down I might still hit my May 4th goal.

In addition to printing I’ve been working hard on the electronics. It is an intimidating process. I’m worry about doing something wrong and wrecking a component. With it already being an expensive build I don’t want to rebuy something because I made a stupid mistake. But sooner or later I had to make the leap. I tested each wire as I made it and each connection as I went to ensure the proper voltage was flowing.

Temporary board layout.

My biggest concern was the voltage regulators and ensuring the 12 V coming from the battery was properly stepped down to the more delicate components. Luckily everything worked exactly as it was supposed to.

Voltage displaying the step down from 12V

After watching a couple of YouTube videos and reading some documentation I was ready to hook up the sound. It includes a catalog of 50 noises that are triggered by various button combinations on the Xbox 360 controller. It might take a while to remember what button makes what sound, but hearing it for the first time was really satisfying.

A quick sample of some of the sound.

Next up, wiring the dome motor to help this guy look around.

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