Thermal Detonator

Greetings from the bunker! Much like everyone else I’m doing the social distancing thing. You’d think that would mean I have tons of time for hobbies and projects but that hasn’t been the case. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on stuff! This is the first complete project I’ve had in a while and I’m excited to share my Thermal Detonator!

3D printed in three parts.

The print came out pretty clean so sanding only took a couple of hours using 80, 120, and 220 grit paper.

Mostly sanded.

Next was the long process of doing some electronics. I’m still new to Arduino and circuits so I found a sketch (which is what Arduino code is called) that someone else did. They had a lot more options like sound so I cut away most of the code and tinkered with what I needed. I’ve always found this the fastest way to learn new code and see how things work.

Crude test

Using a switch, 4 LEDs, 4 resistors, a battery pack, and an Arduino Nano I tinkered until I got everything working. Or at least I thought I did. After soldering things together I made some mistakes, like realizing the battery had to run through the button as well to avoid power to the Nano being always on. Which meant having to redo a large part of the circuit.

Very ugly drawing of my circuit to try to keep things straight.

Getting everything into the small shell proved a pain… I broke connections a few times. Realized hot glue was my friend to keep things seated and even add some stability that I could easily remove down the road if I needed to.

I would have preferred to have a slide switch for the project but I didn’t have any on hand and have zero patience some times. I thought the Detodadnator switch would have fit on the pushdown button but when I tried it looked funny. It sat too far up, so I just went with the push button exposed. I’ll probably make another one down the road. Increase the size a bit, use a slide switch, and do some weathering. However, I’m really happy with this prototype and feel I could make another much faster!

The might Jabba asks why he must pay 50,000. Because he’s holding a THERMAL DETONATOR!
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