R2 Body Printed

Seems I continue to be terrible at keeping this updated but my progress on R2 and other projects continue.

I’ve hit what I feel like is a major milestone. I have all of the main body parts printed!

Some door and parts on the table.

I’ve had a lot of greebles, doors and smaller parts printed and labelled but unassembled for months while I focused on the frame. I thought it was high time to get them installed and it really gave me some fresh life.

Power port.

Many parts are done in multiple pieces to make assembly, sanding, and painting easier. Above is one of the lower power ports as an example of how things come off the bed.

I still have a long road of filling seams, sanding, and trying to get everything smooth. Plus I have a few parts that are fairly warped… to the point I wish I noticed how bad they were reprinted them, but they are in there now so no turning back! He won’t be perfect but he will be mine!

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