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The nuclear agreement between France and Pakistan is a bilateral energy treaty signed on 15 May 2009 by the French and Pakistani governments. [1] The framework of this agreement was a joint press release by President Nicolas Sarkozy and President Asif Ali Zardari on 15 May 2009, in which France agreed to assist in improving the nuclear safety of its nuclear facilities and related civilian nuclear facilities, as part of the security arrangements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the transfer of fully civil nuclear technology to Pakistan. [1] [3] I am often asked if we use machine translation to obtain a non-linguistic NLP. Later, when I say no, people are surprised and wonder why we chose a different approach and why we made it difficult for ourselves. With our Independent Language NLP, we have chosen a different approach. Instead of dividing voice recognition, machine translation and intent recognition into different stages, we grouped them all into one model. It goes directly from a sentence written to the corresponding intention, regardless of the language. As there are several variants of English around the world, there are also differences in the French language around the world. The way in which the French language is spoken, for example in countries such as Belgium, the Middle East, the United States and Canada, etc., will not only be in the pronunciation of certain words, but also in everyday things or objects. Despite France`s willingness to send a green signal in favour of the agreement, confusion remains as to what has been agreed. [1] Pakistani Foreign Ministry officials pledged to provide Pakistan with “civilian nuclear technology,” French officials said, saying that “France has only agreed to cooperate in the area of nuclear safety.” [1] Although French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced in an official press to his counterpart that “France wants a large-scale agreement to buy nuclear equipment” such as that of his rival, India,[8] but the spokesman of the French presidency was careful to contain expectations and many details were denied to the public. [1] French is a language spoken on more than five continents.

It has about 280 million spokespeople worldwide. In Europe, it is the second most popular language after English. Back to history French with its Germanic roots gave many words to the English language. French is also known as the “international language of reference.” Since 1967, France, despite its quality and relatively close relations with India, has become Pakistan`s largest arms operator. [5] Pakistan is one of three participating states of origin (others india and Israel) that have refused to sign the NPT. [6] In March 1976, France and Pakistan signed a reciprocal agreement on the supply of plutonium-based nuclear reprocessing facilities in Chasma. [7] However, this agreement was attacked for two reasons by different countries, including the United States. [7] At first, Pakistan, under the responsibility of Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, sought dencum in its atomic bomb project. [7] Second, the French agreement has not been fully reviewed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

[7] The United States insisted on its full scope and gave France a boost to reconsider its decision, while Bhutto threatened France to subordinate future contracts to compliance with the “contractual obligation” of the legally binding agreement. [7] In 1976, Henry Kissinger arrived in Pakistan with a harsh message that was made public in Pakistan. [7] In a short time, under pressure from different countries, France cancelled the project with Pakistan. [7] As the origin of the two languages is different, there is a significant difference in grammar.

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