Cordiale Agreement Reached By Britain And France In 1904 Crossword Clue

14/2/1904, Sunday (-15.059) (Geology) Charles Beecher, UA Paleontologe, dead (born in Dunkirk, New York 9/10/1856). 15/11/1904, Tuesday (-14,784) Tilly Losch, Austrian actress, was born in Vienna, Austria (died 1975) 25/5/1904. Wednesday (-14,958) In a great battle of the Russo-Japanese War near Nanshan, near Port Arthur, 4,500 Japanese and 3,000 Russians died. Oku locked Port Arthur on land and by sea. 16/8/1904, Tuesday (-14.875) The United Kingdom protested against Russia over attacks on neutral commercial navigation. 14/4/1904. Thursday (-14,999) The first attempt to produce talking images was made at the Fulham Theatre in London, with a cinematography and a phonograph. 28/3/1904, Monday (-15,016) (Denmark) The British King and the British Queen visited Copenhagen. 16/3/1904, Wednesday (-15,028) The first stamp books were published by the GPO in the United Kingdom.

They contained 24 penny stamps. 28/11/1904, Monday (-14.771) Rebels in South-West Africa were defeated by the Germans, see 3/10/1904. 2/11/1904. Wednesday (-14,797) The British newspaper The Mirror was founded by Alfred Harmsworth. Originally sold as women`s paper for 1d, it was then reissued as the Daily Illustrated Mirror and sold on 2 and 2/09/1904 on Tuesday (-15.064) (Japan). Japan landed troops at Chemulpo (Inchon) near Seoul, Korea; In three weeks, they had gone to the Yalu River, bordering Manchuria. 14/11/1904, Monday (-14.785) Michael Ramsey, 100th Archbishop of Canterbury, was born (died 1988) 15/10/1904, Saturday (-14,815) George, King of Saxony, died,. 13/8/1907, Tuesday (-13.783) (1) An Anglo-Russian agreement recognized Afghanistan as an independent kingdom; a republic since 1973. 08.07.1904, Sunday (-14.884) Ralph Johnson Bunche, who was the first black person to hold an important position at the U.S. State Department, was born.

He helped found the United Nations and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the 1949 Arab-Israeli Armistice negotiations. 24/3/1904, Thursday (-15.020) Sir Edwin Arnold, British poet, died (born 10/6/1832). 08.02.1904, Tuesday (-14.889) The British had met with Tibetan opposition to colonial expansion. On that day, the British, successfully against Tibet, entered Lhasa. See 09.07.1904. Britain was concerned about Russia`s growing influence on Tibet. By May 1904, the last serious Tibetan resistance in the Carrer Pass had been overcome. 3,000 Tibetans had positioned themselves behind a wall connecting two forts fired at British, Sikh and Ghurkha troops.

But the Sikhs outnumbered the Tibetans, while the Ghurkhas climbed a chasm to shoot them. The Tibetans fled and left 400 dead. 15/8/1906, Wednesday (-14,146) Blutiger Wednesday in Poland. 80 people were killed in terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Socialists against the Russian occupation of the country. Pilsudski had travelled to Japan in 1904 and secured his support in the fight against Russia; Japan fought Russia in the Far East. 12.01.1904, Thursday (-14.768) The Great World`s Fair in St. Louis, USA, ended with millions of visitors from all over the world. One of the motivating factors of the agreement was undoubtedly France`s desire to protect itself from a possible aggression by its former rival, Germany, which had gradually strengthened in the years since its victory in the Franco-German War of 1870-71 and which now had the most powerful ground army in the world. Britain also sought to contain Germany, particularly in the face of a revised and ambitious German naval programme which, if successful, threatened to call into question Britain`s clear dominance at sea.

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