Port State Measures Agreement Fao

The provisions of the PSMA apply to fishing vessels requesting entry into a given port of a different state than that of their flag state. The global implementation of the PSMA, combined with improved flag states` performance, supported by effective monitoring, monitoring and monitoring (MCS) and market and trade access measures, would not only strengthen international efforts to stem INN fishing, but would also support strengthening fisheries management and fisheries policy at all levels. This will make a significant contribution to the protection of our oceans and to the guarantee of the return of their wealth to future generations. The implementation of defined measures to ensure the correct detection and investigation of ININ fishing, as well as monitoring, reporting and notification, not only ensures that fish caught in the IND fishery are prevented from reaching domestic and international markets, thereby reducing the incentive for authors to continue their exploitation. , but also that other states, PMOs and relevant international organizations are also expected to draw attention to the incident. Its main objective is to prevent, deter and eliminate INT fishing by preventing vessels involved in INT fishing from operating ports and landing their catches. The Port State Measures Agreement is the first binding international agreement that specifically targets illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (INB fishing). It sets out a minimum of standard measures that contracting parties must apply when foreign vessels seek to enter their ports or when they are in their ports. The agreement thus reduces the incentive for these vessels to continue to operate, while preventing fishing products from INT fishing from reaching domestic and international markets. Effective implementation of the agreement will ultimately contribute to the long-term conservation and sustainable exploitation of marine biological resources and marine ecosystems.

Given that effective implementation of the agreement requires a strong political, legal and institutional framework, as well as strong operational mechanisms, supported by sufficient human and financial resources, the PSMA provides for the requirements of developing countries, including the establishment of financing mechanisms. You can find out more about the port state measures agreement and the latest news by clicking here. The agreement, drawn up in 2005 and adopted by the FAO Conference at its 36th session on 22 November 2009, came into force in June 2016, 30 days after the 25th compliance instrument was tabled.

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