Simple Rental Agreement Singapore

Can you get advice? Our case is very similar to the example above. We have been renting a private condo for 6 years (on a 2-year lease for 3 consecutive conditions) and LL uses our 2-month deposit. Despite the prior announcement that we do not renew for the 4th time, and for a month of our goodwill, the LL holds our deposit and says that we have polluted his unit, which is mainly 16 years old!! To be honest, when we went into this unit, it was like hell for us, because the kitchen was literally rotten with RAT holes and infested with rats, ants and cockroaches. It`s too late when you found out before you moved in. We complained for 2 to 3 months, but the owner does not want to replace the kitchen until we have convinced him with the help of our agent during our 4th month. We enjoyed it, although I know (as an architect) that the kitchen countertop they built is a LOW COST material and will have no normal wear for two years. So tranquility is history, we renewed our 2nd and 3rd mandate, and its time to continue for us, because we really think that unity is getting very old. We left the device last October 14 and cleaned as much as possible, but we were surprised to know that it wants us to pay for the “partially” faded laminated kitchen counter (it`s a cheap laminate sheet) and Mart near the sink was leaded by the basic wear as we`ve been using it for 6 years, we`re cooking , and we wash dishes every day so that we expect mostly with a porous material like PVC leaves, where molds are expected in time….. As a tenant for 6 years with an expensive rent of 3000 for a BARE and an old unit like this, we think it is very unfair to pay for this kitchen. And he even wants us to pay half the paint in the small room because of the discoloration of the paint (the wall handles have started to show, and I think the repainting concealment (done 2 years ago) is starting to fade and old dirty paint, which explains the appearance), and the sticker marks on the wooden door that we could remove by cleaning , but still wants us to pay. And he also wants us to pay for the cleaner he would hire for $150. We really feel like he`s enjoying it, and it`s been more than 2 weeks since we moved and our deposit is still with him.

Fortunately, we have exhausted the 2500 for our extended month, and we are only asking for the remaining $3500. Please advise you. Rented reception area postulate all the conditions of the property is held responsible? List sizes, if you have? Commercial facilities are usually prepared by the owner in China.

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