Issuer Icsd Agreement Euroclear

The Director, issuer, his representative or lawyer must file the NGN with the joint depositary designated by the ICSD. The Director or Agent may file the NGN electronically; in this case, the director or agent must ensure that the issuer has given the joint depositary permission to execute the NGN. E-mail: Fax: +32 (0) 2 326 1421 Documentation Issuers wishing to use the NGN structure must update their programme or other offer documents to take account of this new form of global rating. In the case of existing programmes, issuers or their representatives should make available to ICSDs the updated programme documents before publishing the first use as NGNs. Prior to filing the first use as an NGN in a program, the officer must ensure that the issuer has signed the agreement with ICSD. A signed copy should be emailed to the relevant Clearstream New Issues team, so that the issuer is or and issuers sign an agreement with icsds to request acceptance of the securities with ICSDs. The role of joint deposit is divided between a common provider and the common depositary, both designated by the IICS. The joint provider is responsible for the provision of heritage services to the ICSD and the common safe is responsible for the conservation of the NGN throughout its lifetime. Agency contracts and other agreements need to be updated on agency contracts, trusts and debt instruments to reflect the new structure to be served by the agent.

Issuers of an ICSD agreement are invited to sign an agreement with the ICSD requesting the acceptance of their securities with the ICSD. This agreement must be submitted by each issuer once for each programme allowing the issuance of NGN values and separately for each stand-alone broadcast represented by an NGN. The joint depositary will be: (i) Euroclear or Clearstream, Luxembourg, for transferable securities which wish issuers to be capable of providing collateral for the Eurosystem`s monetary policy or for intraday credit operations; or (ii) the same entity as the common service provider for all other securities issued in the form of NGNs. . . .

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