Kdp Puk Agreement

A new four-year political agreement, intended to replace the 2005 “strategic agreement”, is indicated in local reports. The subjects of Kirkuk province, including the election of a new governor on the basis of an agreement between Masoud Barzani [KDP chairman] and Kosrat Rasul,” says the published document, signed by both the PCD and the PUK. These ideological and sociological divisions, coupled with an absolute thirst for power, have triggered violent disagreements and conflicts within the DDA. Especially in the 1960s and later, unilateral relations between the two groups in conflict with the Baghdad government gave it the opportunity to pit each faction against the other, which slightly stifled the Iraqi Kurds` aspirations for autonomy. The Oil for Food program has generated income in northern Iraq and has enabled a higher standard of living. [22] Iraqi Kurdistan became a relatively peaceful region before the small terrorist group Ansar al-Islam invaded the Halabja region in December 2001 and led to a new conflict that was due to end in 2003, just before the start of the Iraq war, which mainly involved non-Kurdish territories in Iraq. On Saturday, KDP spokesman Mahmoud Mohammed told reporters in Erbil that the agreement on the timing of the election of a new governor for Kirkuk was “parallel to the formation of the KRG cabinet,” not the election of the president. At a joint press conference after the signing of the agreement in Erbil, PuK spokesman Latif Sheikh Omar said a commission would be set up to monitor the implementation of the agreement. Mohamed did not discuss further the apparent convergence of his party with the PUK. Two main Kurdish political parties appear to have agreed on Friday on the contours of the next Kurdish regional government.

“We agreed on several issues, including the contours of the next regional government and Kirkuk,” he said. Although the Kurdish Parliament ceased to sit in May 1996, the fragile ceasefire between the PUK and the KDP lasted until the summer of 1996. During this period, the KDP authorized the Iraqi government to set up a smuggling route through the Khabur Basin for the transport of illegal oil exports. [15] Barzani and his employees took the opportunity to tax this business and tax them with an income of several million dollars a week. [16] This has given rise to a dispute with puK over who should benefit from this money. . . .

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