Wcbc Tenancy Agreement

We may take steps to end your tenancy and ask a court to remove you from your home. In certain circumstances, we may apply to the court for an injunction in which the court may order you to comply with your rental terms. In certain circumstances, we may receive an injunction preventing you from being on the property or in any other area specified in the injunction. When you sign a rental agreement with us, we ask you to accept the rental conditions. It is important that you know and understand what you are willing to do. If you`re not sure, ask an apartment agent to explain anything you don`t understand. If your tenancy is a community lease, we can apply the rental terms to each tenant or all roommates together. Most municipal rentals are “secure leases” that come with a number of legal rights regarding the security of the property throughout the rental period. If you become a tenant of the municipality, you must sign a lease before moving into your home. The lease is an important legal document that can be retained in court. Try to reach an agreement to prevent things from going any further. An “introductory rental” lasts the first 12 months (probationary period or probationary period). If there are no problems associated with the rental during this period, the rental automatically becomes a “secure rental” on the anniversary of the start of the lease.

We are responsible for fulfilling our obligations as explained in the rental conditions, mainly to keep your home in good condition. Your responsibilities and our responsibilities are legally binding. Your rental conditions are part of the legal agreement you enter into with us when you accept your rental. You should keep them in a safe place with your lease. Since the Housing Act of 1996, local authorities have had the possibility of granting new tenants “introductory rentals”. If the councils opt for an introductory rental system, it must apply to all new rentals. If you have intentionally provided false information to maintain your tenancy, you can be clarified: your lease will tell you whether you are an “introductory tenant” or a “safe tenant”. You may be able to settle a repayment plan for rent arrears or agree to mediation if complaints of antisocial behaviour have been raised. 4 weeks, if the owner has used a mandatory reason for antisocial behavior, you are not always distributed.

The process takes time and there are things you can do at any stage to try to keep your home. Introduced tenants have fewer rights than safe tenants and can be distributed more easily. You also have several responsibilities, including paying your rent, to ensure you and the people you are responsible for, take care of your home and behave reasonably – without upsetting neighbors.

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