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Sizing to print a helmet

After a convention a couple of years ago I decided I wanted to join the Mandalorian Mercs. It’s a costume club for fans of Star Wars, specifically Mandalorians (like Boba and Jango Fett). In addition they are a non-profit who raise money for great causes. Our local group is full of wonderful people I’ve met

Board Games 2017

On December 25th of 2017 I started using the Board Game Geek app on my phone to track what board games I played. I thought it would be an interesting to be able to look back after a year and see what I played and with who. So for those interested here are the numbers:

Visual Voodoo 3.0

Welcome to my little slice of the internet. I first got this domain name in 2006. I don’t even recall what I used it for originally, but over the years the name has always found a fit for whatever I’ve been doing. Its last incarnation was for my photography. For a few years I was