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R2 Body Printed

Seems I continue to be terrible at keeping this updated but my progress on R2 and other projects continue. I’ve hit what I feel like is a major milestone. I have all of the main body parts printed! I’ve had a lot of greebles, doors and smaller parts printed and labelled but unassembled for months

R2 Update!

I’ve hit an exciting milestone in the process. I “think” the dome is finally sanded to the point I’m happy with it. The process of sanding, filling, priming, repeat is pain staking… I’ve spent so much time on it after a while you just feel like you are wasting time. It can be hard to

More R2-D2 Progress

I’ve been bad at keeping the updates coming again but rest assured I have been busy working. Having both printers producing parts is making things move along much faster. It is exciting to see parts coming off the bed and R2 building up. Since the last update I’ve printed the top of the dome and